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Leila Fletcher Piano Course and Supplementary Piano Sheet Music and Books

Fletcher Piano Course

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Leila Fletcher: Bio


LEILA FLETCHER began her musical career at a very early age in Hamilton, Ontario.  Her parents, recognizing her gift for music provided her with piano lessons from a local teacher.

After High-school Leila continued her studies at Greenville College in Illinois and finally with the Royal Conservatory of Music, University of Toronto where she studied with Mr. Vigo Kihl, Sir Ernest MacMillan and Dr. Healey Willan.  She remained for several years as a faculty member, she later became Editor of Educational Music for Gordon V. Thompson, Music Publishers and as Director of Music at Lorne Park College.

In 1949 Leila founded her own Music Publishing company, Montgomery Music Inc.  Originally based in Rochester, NY she later relocated to Buffalo, NY where it remained for over 50 years.

Although an extremely accomplished musician, Leila preferred arranging, composing and experimenting with teaching methods.  Her love and dedication to children inspired her to pioneer class piano lessons in the Toronto public schools.

For over 55 years the Leila Fletcher Piano Course has been the leader in piano instructional material.  Recently CD's and new supplementary repertoire has been added to greatly enhance the students desire for success.