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Essential Keyboard Repertoire Volume 8 (Miniatures) - 95 Early to late intermediate original piano solos edited by Maurice Hinson - Baroque to Modern ----- music book ----- Alfred 4619

Essential Keyboard Repertoire Volume 8 (Miniatures) - 95 Early to late intermediate original piano solos edited by Maurice Hinson - Baroque to Modern ----- music book ----- Alfred 4619
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Essential Keyboard Repertoire Volume 8 (Miniatures) - 95 Early to late intermediate original piano solos edited by Maurice Hinson - Much care was given to grading, editing and most of all, student appeal in the Essential Keyboard Repertoire Series. Each volume includes selections from the Baroque to Modern periods, each in its original form. Standard favorites are included, along with a sampling of works which were infrequently performed prior to the introduction of these collections. Editing is based on sound teaching principles to facilitate performance and study. This edition includes 95 early to late intermediate miniatures that are each one to two pages in length. - Comb-bound - 144 pages - Contents: Bourrée En Rondeau by Vincent D'indy * Bourrée Ii In A Major [kk 1404] by Frédéric Chopin * Bourrée In C Minor by Leopold Mozart * Bread And Butter by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart * By The Campfire [op. 3/86, No. 6] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Cat On A Swing by Aram Ilyich Khachaturian * Catch Me If You Can! [op. 55, No. 23] by Theodor Kirchner * Chinese March by Alexander Tchérépnin * Cossack Dance by Carl Czerny * Dance On The Lawn [op. 27, No. 11] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Dance Song [sz. 42:49] by Béla Bartók * Danish Folk Tune [op. 3, No. 1] by Carl August Nielsen * Divertimento No. 1 In F Major by Josef Myslivecek * Echo In The Mountains [op. 28, No. 19] by Samuel Maykapar * Ecossaise In G Major by Johann Wilhelm Hässler * Fantasia In G Major [wq. 117:8] by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach * Gallop Marquis [kkp 1240a] by Frédéric Chopin * Gavotte In D Major [bwv 811] by Johann Sebastian Bach * German Dance In B-flat Major [d. 783, No. 7] by Franz Schubert * German Dance In F Major [woo 42, No. 1] by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Gigue In D Minor by George Frideric Handel * Grandmother Tells A Ghost Story [op. 81, No. 3] by Theodor Kullak * Gypsies [op. 138, No. 19] by Stephen Heller * Gypsy Dance [hob. Ix:28/6] by Franz Joseph Haydn * Happy Birthday [op. 69, No. 7] by Dmitri Shostakovich * Having Fun Crossing Hands by Daniel Gottlob Türk * Hopping [op. 39, No. 18] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * In A Quiet Mood by Alexander Fiodorovich Goedicke * Jigg In A Minor by Alexander Reinagle * Kanzonette In C Major by Christian Gottlob Neefe * Klavierstück In F Major [k. 33b] by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart * La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin [l. 117:8] by Claude Debussy * Le Lardon by Jean-philippe Rameau * Little Scherzo [sz. 52:82] by Béla Bartók * March [op. 65, No. 10] by Sergei Prokofiev * March In E-flat Major [bwv Anh. 127] by Johann Sebastian Bach * Menuett In C Minor by George Frideric Handel * Menuett In G Major by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach * Minuet In E-flat Major [woo 10, No. 3] by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Minuet In G Major by Wilhelm Friedemann Bach * Moderato In C Major by Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach * Musette In D Major [bwv Anh. 126] by Anonymous * Night On The River [op. 27, No. 4] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Orientale [op. 123, No. 9] by Cécile Chaminade * Parsley And Celery [sz. 42:21] by Béla Bartók * Patriotic Song [op. 12, No. 8] by Edvard Grieg * Poetic Valse No. 5 by Enrique Granados * Poetic Valse No. 6 by Enrique Granados * Polka by Richard Wagner * Prelude In A Major [op. 28, No. 7] by Frédéric Chopin * Prelude In C Minor [op. 28, No. 20] by Frédéric Chopin * Prelude In G Minor [op. 11, No. 22] by Alexander Scriabin * Presto In F Major by Alexander Reinagle * Russian Menuet by Dmitri Shostakovich * Skipping by Aram Ilyich Khachaturian * Soirée Polka by Stephen Foster * Solfeggio In C Minor [wq. 117:2] by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach * Sonata In G Major [k. 431] by Domenico Scarlatti * Song Of The Lark [op. 39, No. 22] by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky * Song Of Youth [op. 45, No. 1] by Agathe Backer-grondahl * Song Without Words [op. 30, No. 3] by Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn * Swinherd's Dance [sz. 52:77] by Béla Bartók * Tambourin In F Major by Elisabetta De Gambarini * Tempo Giusto by Johann Christian Bach * The Bell Of The Afternoon by Enrique Granados * The Bell Tolls [s. 238] by Franz Liszt * The Blacksmith [op. 8, No. 5] by Samuel Maykapar * The Fairy Tale Princess [op. 76, No. 8] by Ignacy Friedman * The Jade Wheel Turns In The Dew by Alexander Tchérépnin * The Lame Witch Lurking In The Forest [op. 31, No. 9] by Vladimir Rebikov * The Sound Of The Hunting Horn by Theodor Oesten * The Tango by Erik Satie * Those Broken Octaves! by Daniel Gottlob Türk * To A Wild Rose [op. 51, No. 1] by Edward Macdowell * Traümerei [op. 15, No. 7] by Robert Schumann * Valse Viennoise [op. 32, No. 8] by Florent Schmitt * Valsette [op. 40, No. 1] by Jean Sibelius * Vivace In D Major [hob. I:92/4] by Franz Joseph Haydn * Waltz [op. 27, No. 1] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Waltz In B Minor [d. 145:6] by Franz Schubert * Waltz In E Major [op. 39, No. 2] by Johannes Brahms * Who Will Win The Argument? [op. 88, No. 2] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * A Merry Tune [op. 89, No. 26] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * A Warlike Song [op. 89, No. 30] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Above The Tree, Under The Tree [sz. 42:45] by Béla Bartók * Album Leaf [l. 133] by Claude Debussy * Allegro In B-flat Major by Alexander Reinagle * An Old Dance [op. 27, No. 7] by Dmitri Kabalevsky * Aria In D Minor [bwv 515] by Johann Sebastian Bach * Aria In D Minor [k. 32] by Domenico Scarlatti * Bagatelle [op. 5, No. 1] by Alexander Tchérépnin * Bagatelle In A Major [op. 119, No. 10] by Ludwig Van Beethoven * Ballet In F Major by Carl Maria Von Weber * Bedtime Story by Aram Ilyich Khachaturian * Bolero by Cornelius Gurlitt ----- music book ----- Alfred 4619

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